Here is how you can restore Twitter’s “Star” icon for your favourites

How to replace Twitter's heart button with a star one

How to replace Twitter's heart button with a star one

Yesterday, Twitter announced changes to its favourite button which was meant with a lot of criticism by users from around the world. The new changes led to the rise of the #TwitterHeart hashtag which is still among the top trending hashtags in the world. The move was targeted for capturing new users since currently Twitter is experiencing a growth slump but the more active users were not too receptive of the move.

Thanks to a Twitter user named Robert, there is a Chrome extension called Stylish that is also available on Firefox that will enable you to replace the the heart button with the star emoji. This is how you do it in the case for Chrome:

  • Once you have downloaded the extension, click on the extension’s icon which is a rectangular box with an S at the middle.
  • Click on “manage installed styles” which now opens a new tab.
  • On the left hand side, tap on “Write new style”. This opens a new dialogue with a number of options.
  • On the code box, paste the code below as it is:

.HeartAnimationContainer {
visibility: hidden;
.HeartAnimationContainer:after {
content: ‘ ’;
visibility: visible;
display: block;
position: absolute;

  • Look for a star emoji so that you can copy and paste it in between the ‘  ‘ next to content
  • Click on the “Specify” button which allows you to specify which website you want the changes to be effected to. Add as the URL
  • Give the style a name, probably Star.
  • Click the save button to finish.

Now refresh your Twitter and see the heart button being replaced by the good old star button. If you want, you can always replace with another emoji but it was rather unsuccessful

As proof, here is a screenshot of my likes…I mean favourites

star (1)