Snapchat’s Story Explorer allows you to watch Live Stories from different perspectives


Snapchat Story explorer

Snapchat Live Stories are a good way for people to keep up with videos and photos being posted by people in a certain event or locale. They have featured Nairobi twice in the platform and it has been a good way for experiencing the various ways of life of people from around the world.

However, Live Stories have always been one dimension in the sense that we only get to see one camera angle of an event as viewed by the person watching. What if multiple people are in the same geolocation and are shooting the same event? Snapchat has workaround for that and this is why they have announced Story Explorer for that.

Story Explorer allows you to have multiple camera views of a certain event which is a technique used by professional videographers from the film and TV industry. “Story Explorer relies on technology developed by our research team to provide more depth of every Snap in a story” the company explained it in a blogpost.

To do this, just click on a Live Story and in order to view the various perspectives of the event, you will see an “explore” tab at the button that prompts you  to swipe up. This will be great if the event is a concert, a sporting event or if it is a breaking news item.

As of now, this is only available for Live Stories from Los Angeles and New York and the company promises to launch it to other stories soon. Story Explorer is a cool update to Live Stories and the fact that you can different snaps of a particular story makes the experience immersive in a way.