How To Fix The Tecno Winpad 10 Rotation Bug

Tecno Winpad 10
The Tecno Winpad 10

If you are a proud owner of the recently reviewed Tecno Winpad 10 2-in-1 device, and have recently upgraded to Windows 10, you may be experiencing a Winpad 10 rotation bug. As our review stated, there was one inconvenience after the update:

The WinPad 10 display would always auto rotate into an upside-down position. I speculated that this is probably related to a driver incompatibility in the rotation sensor with the Windows 10 insider build that I used for testing.

However, other Winpad 10 users have since upgraded to the public release of Windows 10 and are facing the same issue. Techweez reached out to the Tecno engineering team as soon as we found the Winpad 10 rotation bug and we received the following communication On August 24th, 2015:

Dear Latiff,

Please don’t update to Windows 10 at this moment, we are still on testing stage, once be confirmed the final version,we’ll let you know.

We are very sorry for this troubling you.

Later on the day, we received the following message with an updated registry file that addressed the rotation problem.

Dear Latiff,

Please decompressing the attachment file (GSensor_Win8_0319.rar) and click it in your tablet,which can solve tablet rotation issue. Later we’ll try to write this into auto-update program. Please believe that we can complete it soon.

Thanks for your trust ,we’ll do our best.

Best regards!

Thus if you have already upgraded to Windows 10 and are experiencing the Winpad 10 rotation bug, you can resolve this by doing the following:

  • Download the updated GSensor Driver setting below. (Right Click and “Save As”)
    1. Gsensor_Win8_0319
  • Save the driver setting to to your Winpad device.
  • Uncompress the driver using WinRar
  • Click on the driver and to install it on your device. It will overwrite the existing driver setting that is causing the rotation bug.
  • Restart the device.

If this doesn’t resolve the rotation bug, you can use the following workaround:

  • Access the Notification Center , then pressing the Rotation Lock button.
  • Or open the Settings App, go to System, then Display and toggle the rotation lock button.

NOTE You may have to hold your Winpad 10 upside down while you lock the screen (so you get the correct orientation in relation to the Windows Start button).

The downside of locking the rotation is that playing games that require the device to tilt (e.g. Asphalt 8) will be hampered. Even with this, you should be able to configure the on screen controls to allow you to play the game without tilting the device.

I have reached out to Tecno to see if they have updated their rotation driver since their last communication in August. In the meanwhile, please let us know if the driver doesn’t resolve the notation bug by using the Techweez Forum.