Parents are naming their kids after Instagram filters

Instagram filters

Instagram filters

Instagram is a really popular network with over 400 million users and it won’t come as a shock the social networking site is having an influence in our daily lives. We can credit Instagram for making photo filters cool and this has transcended into parents naming their newborns after the filters.

According to Baby Centre, they did a survey where they gathered data from more than 340,000 parents who shared the names they gave to their babies. What they noticed is that Instagram influenced the naming of some babies where the use of the various filters found on the app as baby names had a significant jump as compared to last year.

For baby boys, the filter that registered the highest jump as compared to last year was Lux, which was up 75%. The other filters that registered relatively higher level of usage include Ludwig (42% jump), Amaro (up 26%), Reyes (10% jump), Hudson (up 4%) and Kelvin (3% jump). For baby girls, the filter that registered the highest jump was Juno with a 30% jump. Valencia had an almost comparable 26% rise and Willow, the black and white filter gained 13%.

The report however said not all parents are giddy with some names borrowed from Instagram filters. Lark, Walden and Sierra were found to be used less and less while other filter names were not used at all from the rather large sample. With over 40 filters available on the mobile app and more tech savvy people becoming parents in the future, it will be the norm for babies growing up with names that originate from Instagram.