WhatsApp has added a ton of new emojis in the latest update for Android



New WhatsApp emojis
A while ago, WhatsApp released an update to its mobile apps where they introduced a number of emojis, which included nerdy ones like the Spock emoji, middle finger emoji and added various skin tones to incorporate all races. In this new update (started with 2.12.372 and currently it is at 2.12.374), they have yet again added a ton of new emoji for various categories.
older version of WhatsApp

For starters, there are whole lot more tabs included in the new update. Previously, there were 6 tabs that housed all of the emojis. In the new update, there are a total of 9, so 3 new tabs were created. The new tabs include dedicated tabs for animals which was originally housed under the reaction emojis tab. The new tab dedicated for food items and the one for flags were broken down from the original symbols tab which featured the bell icon. The new symbols tab is now represented by a bulb icon and a flags have been given their own dedicated tab.

newer version of WhatsApp

In addition,they have added new emojis like for popcorn, unicorns, for LGBT couples, turkeys, spiders, hot dogs, spiders and racing cars. Flags have their own tab (Yes, Kenya is included too) instead of the other format where they were grouped together with symbols. Religious places for worship were added too, weirdly under the travel tab.

Unfortunately, I was not able to see the notification to update to this new version on the Play Store but you can be able to grab an apk of the latest update here and update your existing version.


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