KENIC Confirms Takedown of Domain

From Nexus

IsUhuruKenya This week, social-media  has been rife with jokes over President Kenyatta’s foreign visits. The president initially visited Malta for a Commonwealth meeting before heading to Paris for Climate talks and ending the visit in South Africa, where he met Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The Kenyan President was mostly criticized over the large number of trips he has taken since coming to office, which outnumber those taken by his Predecessor over his 10-year rule.  The President has defended the trips saying that Kenya has derived loads of benefits from the trips.

Still on the jokes, a website was created by one Brian Maiyo. If one accessed the website when President Kenyatta was outside the country, they were greeted with a huge NO. Upon the president’s arrival, the website changed the message to YES. Unfortunately, not everyone saw the light-side of this website which has since been taken down.

We sought clarification from Kenic as to why the website was taken down. Kenic says it only deals with domains and that the domain reseller was EAC Directory but acknowledged the website was taken down. The lady at the end of the line who did not give me her name, further said the website portrayed the President in a negative context, which is why it was taken down on orders from the General Manager.

We also sought clarification from EAC Directory, who were willing gave the name of the domain owner but were unwilling to divulge on the circumstances under which the domain was brought down. They however said they contacted the domain owner and informed them of the decision to take down the site.