Twitter for Web will now display photos in their full glory


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Posting photos on Twitter was not a mundane thing as we are accustomed today. Twitter did not have its own photo hosting site and the early users were forced to use other photo hosting sites like Twitpic, Lockerz and Yfrog.

Twitter decided to have its own photo hosting service in 2011 where all of the content was hosted on Photobucket and this meant the likes of Twitpic, Yfrog and Lockerz ended up dying in the process. they have improved their media hosting services to include support for shooting and uploading video on mobile devices and on and autoplay video. On for example, the button for uploading either video or photos was changed to “media” from the previous camera icon to show that it now accepts both media formats.

In a blogpost, the company has now rolled out a slew of changes for for photos especially where Twitter denotes it as a “richer photo experience.” This means that they have done away with the cropping of photos and will display the photo as it is.


That is not the end of it. If you are a regular user of Twitter, you would know it is possible to attach multiple photos to a tweet, actually a maximum of 4. Since they have made it possible to have “bigger” photos, the resulting collage will be more immersive in nature. This feature will pair well with Twitter Moments, which displays tweets, photos and video in an immersive ways that are categorized into various topics. So head up to  and try out the new changes.