Kenyans Spend more Time on their Smartphones when Watching TV



Kenya has over 4.3 Million smartphones users. The number is growing by over 200,000 devices a month which will see the number grow by close to 2.4 Million devices this year. Affordability and growth of the internet are some of the main reasons for the increased uptake. Telecommunications equipment manufacturer Ericsson recently published its first Media and TV report for Kenya via Ericsson’s consumer lab. The reports notes that more Kenyans are increasingly accessing content via their smartphones.

According to the report, over 13 million Kenyans aged 18-69 watch TV and video content over the internet at least weekly.  The report further puts TV ownership in Kenya at 92% with traditional Television still a popular tool of choice for most consumers. Increasing , Kenyans feel the need to access TV and Video content on personal devices driven mostly by the younger generation.  Interestingly, more Kenyans spend time on their smartphones when watching TV. According to the research,  80 percent of consumers who watch TV and video content over the internet at least weekly own smartphones and 60 percent of their viewing time is spent on mobile devices other than TVs.

The report further notes that of those surveyed, 84%responded that they would like to  receive bundled services in dual or triple-play model. This would allow a user to both access TV services and the internet as well via a subscription model.  Further noted were change in trends, where TV and content viewership was a communal affair which, has now become more of a n individual experience with the proliferation of devices.