Samsung Makes its Wi-Fi File Transfer App Available on the Play Store


One of my favourite Android applications of all time is FlashShare Xender. The app’s mission is simple: to make it easy and fast to share files across Android devices. And it does just that. There is no shortage of similar applications on the Google Play Store that do the same but it always nice to have at least one that you can count on anytime. Now the number of options available to users has just increased as Samsung has unbundled its own file sharing application, aptly named Wi-Fi File Transfer, and made it available on the Play Store.

The app even allows users to share files on their personal computers. Even though this is listed as one of its capabilities, there is no detailed documentation on how to go about it on PCs. On supported Samsung devices, one only needs to have the app installed in order to send/receive files to/from other Samsung devices. If that sounds alot like something you may already be accustomed to doing using another application like Lenovo’s ShareIt then it is because it is more or less the same function-wise.


Unfortunately, the application won’t work on non-Samsung Android devices. It is strictly for users of Samsung devices at the moment even though that may change with time.

Wi-Fi File Transfer is the latest in a growing number of Samsung applications being unbundled and hitting the Play Store not only for easy access by users but also for ease of access to updated versions without having to wait for inclusion in periodical system updates most of which never arrive anyway. S Health and the Samsung browser are some of the applications that have been made available on the Play Store recently. Way to go Samsung!