Study reveals 87% of governments use Facebook

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Facebook is the largest social network we have currently, we know that. It has over 1.55 billion active users and out of that, a cool billion log in daily to the service and its online presence is too blatant to ignore. Have you ever wondered the extent at which Facebook’s tentacles have reached in the globe? Well a report by Burson Marsteller has revealed interesting statistics about the matter.

According to the report, Facebook is used by 87% of governments who are members of the United Nations. The 169 governments who use Facebook out of a total 193 countries have a combined total of 230,489,257 likes.”Over the past eight years, Facebook has become the channel of choice for community engagement with world leaders” The report explained, “a Facebook presence has become part and parcel of any social media political campaign and one of the best ways to engage with potential voters and citizens.”

The report also revealed the most liked government linked accounts in Facebook and it is not a surprise Barack Obama tops the list. India has a huge presence in Facebook, naturally due to its huge population and their Prime Minister was second in the list. Egypt’s President, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is also featured in this list with nearly 6 million Facebook likes which indicates the popularity of the platform in that country.

via Burson Marsteller
via Burson Marsteller

Our very own President, Uhuru Kenyatta is the most popular leader in Sub-Saharan Africa with slightly over 2 million likes and is miles ahead in this category

Via Burson Marsteller
Via Burson Marsteller

The report also revealed the most active world leaders on Facebook, their average interactions per post, the content they normally post, other Facebook pages liked by world leaders and their peer connections. You can check the rest of the report here

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