Nokia Teases New Smartphone and Tablet as it Gears Up for Return to the Mobile Device Market



Nokia – remember it? Of course, you do! The Finland-based company which unceremoniously exited the mobile device market in 2013 when it sold off its mobile devices division to Microsoft. It has since then been angling for a comeback and it is expected to do exactly that by the end of the year after its contractual obligations with Microsoft run out.

Even then, the company has not failed to make its intent clear. It has, for instance, already demoed the C1, a new Nokia smartphone that reportedly runs on both Microsoft’s Windows mobile platform and Google’s Android. Another device, the Android-powered N1 tablet has been in the market for a year now.

A new video (watch below) uploaded to the Nokia channel on YouTube that seeks to explain to the world what the 150-year-old Nokia is and its mission and purpose shows two mysterious devices. While it is not yet immediately clear what those devices exactly are, Nokia could be sending a message that it will introduce not just smartphones but also tablets when it re-enters the market. We’ve recently heard that Nokia is preparing at least 3 Android smartphones for the initial run. The company also has another mobile product, a virtual reality headset, OZO, which was unveiled last year.

Here is the video:


Source: IBT

Photo: NokiaPowerUser


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