Twitter for Web has been updated for you to follow conversations better

Twitter homepage

Twitter homepage

One of the most unique things you encounter on Twitter are tweetstorms. If you don’t know what that means, they are threaded tweets made by a user about a certain topic. I have seen some epic tweetstorms on the platform and some of the content they post are quite interesting.

Twitter has noticed that these conversations are some of the things that make users log in to their platform. There was a glaring usability problem due to the fact that these conversations happened on the timeline and when you suddenly exit the conversation, it was laborious to come back. That is why they pushed an update a while back which identified conversations by showing a line at the left of the connected tweets so that it makes it easy for you to identify a conversation.

The company has now made it even easier to follow these tweetstorms or conversations on If you tap on a conversation, it brings up a popup that lets you scroll up and down the conversation with ease. There is also a handy close button on the left of the pop up video if you are done reading the conversation.

This is a handy feature made by the company and it is still not clear when it will be pushed to the mobile apps since most Twitter users access the network on mobile. In addition, the update comes after reports of trending tweets being displayed on the general timeline which the company confirmed of the activity. Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey endorsed tweetstorms and this update affirms the company’s efforts to encourage more conversations in the social network