Once Again Google is Giving Away 2GB of Free Drive Storage


Its that time of year where offers are thrown around from almost all kinds of businesses to get you to spend more for your loved ones. Google hasn’t been left behind and because they love and care for us and they too have an offer, not a Valentine’s ones, but one that involves free 2GB Google Drive storage if you do something very simple, secure your account.

This isn’t the first time that Google is doing this as it offered the same thing to its users same time last year in celebration of Safer Internet Day 2016. All you have to do to get the free 2GB Google Drive storage is to review your accounts security settings.


The process is the same as last year, where you take Google’s Security Checkup. There you get to verify your recovery contacts for your Google account, the last devices you used with your account, app permissions you allowed for your apps, services, passwords you set for your applications and two- factor authentication settings.

This process takes no longer than 2 minutes at most if you want to verify each thing making it easier for you to grab those precious GBs of extra Google Drive storage . With the added advantage of having a more secure account, Google shows that it cares enough for the security of its users. The free storage should be immediately credited to your account once you are done.

As with all things, there is a time limit and you have up to February 11 2016 to claim the additional storage, therefore click this link to get going and receive your gift.

Android Central