Twitter is planning to overhaul the Twitter handle and mentions

Twitter web

Twitter web

Twitter announced their fourth quarter results yesterday where they made a net loss although with an increased revenue year on year. The monthly active users was still stuck to 320 million active users just like the previous quarter and the company seems to be at the brink. However, the company is willing to change all that if you take a peek of the letter sent to the shareholders.

The letter to the shareholders outlines five priorities the company is setting to achieve in the new year: Refinement of their core service, live streaming video, their creators and influences, safety and finally, developers. The most interesting one is the refinement of the core service and the company explained why.

It is a known fact that Twitter is hard for new users and that is why they have made strides to make it easier for them by making changes like a new homepage to lure them in or the replacement of the favourite button to a like button. In their efforts to “refine” their core service, Twitter is planning to overhaul the classic Twitter handle and the mention.

It might seem like a crazy idea for long time users to adapt to the impending changes but Twitter is in a between-a-rock-and-a-hard-place kinda situation since it needs to please both active users and new users. That is not all they want to change on their core experience:

“We’re going to improve onboarding flows to make sure you easily find both your contacts and your interests. We’re going to make tweeting faster while making tweets more expressive with both text and visual media”

This year, the Twitter you know of will change drastically and as Jack Dorsey said “Twitter is here to stay! By becoming more Twitter-y.”