Popular iOS Image Gallery and Backup Application Everalbum Comes to Android


Everalbum for Android

Everalbum, an application that became popular with iPhone users for its image backup solution, is finally available on the Google Play Store for Android users.

Everalbum also doubles up as a gallery application. Since there is no shortage of gallery apps and image viewers on the Play Store, it is another interesting option to try out. As most new users are likely to find out, it may also be one of the few features of the app they can use freely without having to pay. This is because for image backup purposes, users can opt to either store as many images as they want for free or pay $10 monthly and have their high-resolution photos stored for posterity.

The best thing about Everalbum which you will struggle to find elsewhere is that one can view images from other apps and services. Facebook, Instagram and Google Photos are supported alongside the shots you capture with your device’s camera. Once backed up to the cloud, users can delete images from their devices so as to free up much-needed space.

New users can test Everalbum’s premium offering for at least a week before making up their mind whether to start paying for the service or to just use it as it is.

Video upload and storage is only available to Everalbum Plus users. If you’re not willing to part with $100 annually then Google’s own photos product is a better option since it will store your videos for free with just one compromise: any flick with a resolution higher than full HD (1080p), will be compressed.

Another popular Android gallery application, QuickPic, started offering users 1 terabyte worth of free storage space after a controversial acquisition by Cheetah Mobile went through. Flickr, the photo sharing service by Yahoo, also has a similar offering for users uploading photos to the service.

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