Telegram updates Channels with several new features


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Telegram announced Channels 6 months ago and unlike groups, they are meant to convey information of a specific nature like the latest music, cars, fashion and the likes. It has proven to be a popular feature where several channels have been created by the over 100 million active users. However, Channels have been limited in terms of functionality and the new Channels 2.0 update was released to fix all that.

Silent broadcasts

This is my favourite update so far. If you have subscribed to several channels, you can get bombarded by a lot of updates which is shown by your badge counter. This usually leads you to mute the channels altogether. In this update, admins will be able to send silent messages that will not notify the people subscribed to the channel. To use this feature, admins need to tap on the bell icon to send these silent broadcasts

Admin signatures

In Channels unlike groups, you never really know who sent the post. Now, it will be possible to enable the ability to sign your messages which is available as a toggle in settings. The name of the admin will appear beneath the post on the right side of the view count.

Copying links to posts

You will now be able to copy links from a channel and post them to other social networks. When the intended audience clicks on the link, it will open the channel and display the message

Editing posts

Unless you are a bot, you are bound to making typos and now it is possible to edit your posts if you notice a mistakes. Currently this is available on Channels and Supergroups too.

Channels were not the only Telegram feature to be  updated with new features.

  • There is now a quick share button for bets where it will be easier for you to share links, videos or pictures from the bot timeline.
  • Telegram Stickers have been updated where when you tap and hold on a sticker, it will show a preview.


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