Placeholders are Coming to OneDrive, New Windows 10 Build Shows



One of the most notable features omitted from Windows 10 that was available previous is the ability to view all the files and folders one has on their OneDrive account without necessarily having them downloaded locally to their machine.

Known as placeholders, the feature that was available on Windows 8.1, was left out by Microsoft which cited ease of use as a going concern. Some users would get confused about whether what they were seeing on their OneDrive folder was already available locally on their machine or not and end up making assumptions that were costly. While Microsoft argued its case perfectly, for those who had gotten used to placeholders, it has been tough since switching to Windows 10.

We heard early on that the future was bound to be re-introduced at a later date and if what some users are saying on social media is anything to go by then that may be on the way. Build 14271 of Windows 10, as uncovered by @h0x0d, hints at the placeholders coming back at some point. It is not yet clear how Microsoft will implement the feature given its earlier stated concerns about confusion among some users. Maybe the feature will be opt-in? We’ll know for sure going foward.

Via: MSPowerUser


  1. Microsoft
    better damn well reinstate the placeholders. If I have to have my files
    physically downloaded on my computer to know they’re even there, then
    WTF is the purpose of OneDrive!?!?!

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