Facebook is testing a better search experience on mobile


Facebook new search on mobile

Facebook search has always been underwhelming from the beginning as compared to other social networks. They improved this with an update on October where you could track entire conversations on a tabbed interface.

The search results were divided into various categories: Top. Latest, People, Photos, Pages, Groups, Apps and Events. There was also a list of trending topics with captions under each headline so that you can get an idea of what is happening around the world. Facebook search also suggests to you searches and also shows you what your friends are talking.

All that is in the present but there is room for improvement. An advanced search engine like Google is able to conduct more complex queries and that is what the future search on Facebook will look like. On Google, you can search for a bridge’s length or a celebrity’s age and it will give you detailed information about it. That is what Facebook is trying to do here.

On the beta Facebook app, there is an update to Facebook Search that has been demoed with new capabilities.

New Facebook Search

As shown on the colourful splash screen, you can now make more complex queries like “best cookie recipes”or “climate change”or “birthday party photos.” This update also implores you to use “keyword suggestions” so that you will be able to find the best results. In addition, I decide to make a search query about the meteor fall on the Atlantic and it displayed something interesting

Meteor search result

In a normal scenario, the top results will be shown in a card format from the publishers, but in this case, the news item was shown in a separate card item without any links. This works for news items highlighted on the trending tab and it is quite selective.

News search on Facebook

This could be rolled out to the other Facebook users who are not on the beta program and it is a small change to be honest but a step to the right direction.