This year’s Oscars broke the record for the most tweets sent in a minute for the award show



Twitter is a great place to follow a live event or talk about it and the company knows that fact very well. They have made special hashtags for certain events and in this case, the 

The Academy Awards is a show that has a large viewership and social networks like Twitter act as the second screen where people share their thoughts about what they are watching. Some even follow the action entirely on Twitter where they follow the official hashtag or retweet specific accounts like the Academy official Twitter account. According to Twitter, in today’s show, the activity around the awards show was so great, it broke a record that was set by the 2014 Oscar awards.

At the peak when Leonardo DiCaprio won the Oscar for Best Actor, that event generated more than 440,000 tweets per minute, which according to Twitter bested the record set by the most retweeted tweet of all time. The star studded selfie with a record 3.3 million retweets generated 255,000 tweets per minute at its peak.

Twitter also revealed other moments that generated the most buzz in this year’s Oscar awards apart from Leo’s win and it includes Spotlight winning the Best Picture award and Mad Max: Fury Road winning its 6th Oscar of the night.

Its interesting Di Caprio was missing on that selfie but his win 2 years later came to top as the most talked about Oscar event in terms of activity on the platform. Another win for Leo