Tecno Spot Forums is Where You Can Take All Your Device-Related Issues



You may not have heard about it but it exists. In fact, it has been active since January. It is the Tecno Spot. Tecno’s own forums where users can interact and share their experiences with Tecno devices and any issues that require attention or troubleshooting of some kind.

Tecno Spot also happens to be a great place to get updates on upcoming features and when you can expect actual software updates on Tecno devices. Just like you can on the Infinix forums which we have been going to so often to see what they are cooking as far as updates are concerned. For instance, it is from the Tecno Spot that one gets to know that Tecno has been working on a user interface refresh that will arrive soon.


Users can also download original firmware and get instructions from other members and the moderators on how to go about flashing the same on their devices.

The forum already has a community of over 200 members and it is still growing. With Tecno already an established device brand in key African markets like Kenya, Egypt and Nigeria, it was high time there was such a one-stop shop for solutions to frequently encountered issues where one can always go back and reference something or engage other users or even engage the brand’s leadership on any issues.

We are told that there will be prizes up for grabs from time to time so as to incentivise more and more users of Tecno devices to embrace the platform and not have to wait to present their issues at CarlCare centres.


  1. Nice one. I have been a regular visitor at the forum. That thread on Love wednesday by Peter got me hooked.

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