Marshmallow Registers Slow Growth in Latest Android Platform Distribution Figures



Android Marshmallow registered a growth of 1 percentage points over the last one month to stand at 2.3% of all devices accessing the Google Play Store over the one week period ending March 7th, 2016.

Last month, Android 6.0’s share of the pie stood at a paltry 1.2%. The change in Marshmallow’s fortunes, however small, is partly due to several devices receiving the update over the last few weeks. The number is bound to get bigger as many of 2016’s flagship devices, which usually sell in the tens of millions globally, go on sale over the next few months.

2.3% is also the share of late 2011 release Ice Cream Sandwich which is slowly sliding into oblivion as users upgrade to newer devices running recent versions of Android. Of those, Android Lollipop reigns supreme as it accounts for 36% of all Android devices taking the dominant mantle from KitKat.

Here’s the full breakdown:



Source: Android Developer Dashboard