LG Employs the Services of Automation App IFTTT to Alert Users of its Consumer Electronics



You may or may not have heard about that handy application called IFTTT, short for If This Then That. In short, it is an automation tool that simplifies several tasks. For instance, here at Techweez, we use it to cross-post images on all our social media accounts without having to manually do the same (post an image to Twitter, go post the same image on Instagram and Facebook etc). Personally, I use it to save my awesome Discover Weekly tracks on Spotify before they disappear in favour of a new set of tracks every Monday. LG is joining in on the fun too.

The Korean electronics company has created an IFTTT channel that features interesting recipes meant for users of its various devices and home appliances like dryers and washing machines. Want your dryer to maintain a spreadsheet that you can use to track how often you use it? Great! There’s a recipe for that. Want your washing machine to drop you an email as soon as it is done? Or just send a direct message on Twitter? Or tell the world (on Facebook) that you are very responsible when it comes to cleanliness? Well, it will do exactly that. Want a calendar entry instead? You’ve got it!

There is also a recipe for something you don’t need a recipe for: starting music playback every time you plug in your headphones.


Don’t get shocked. It’s the world we live in. In case you had missed the memo, LG already has several home appliances that can “talk” to each other. You know, a washing machine, an oven and a fridge that are smart enough to strike a conversation when they get bored. See this video as well:

All those insane but handy IFTTT recipes can be found here. IFTTT is also available on both Android and iOS. Just check your platform’s app store.


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