This subtle change on Instagram makes your old posts not appear too ancient

Instagram time change

Instagram time change

Instagram is a widely popular social network with an impressive 400 million active user base. It has grown over time from its initial debut on iOS to being bought by Facebook for a billion dollars and the subsequent port to Android.

The app too has undergone quite a bit of changes over time where they dropped the skeuomorphic aspects it borrowed from iOS to a flatter design we see today. The next big update Instagram made on their app was the revamped search and explorer tab which made it easier to find posts and get curated content. They also added other subtle additions like the long press gesture to peek on an image, view counters for video, multiple accounts switching and curated videos.

There is a new update on Instagram that was rolled out rather subtly and you may or may not have taken it seriously. They changed the timestamp and this is more than welcome.

instagram timestamp change

There are two discrete changes to the Instagram timestamp. First, the timestamp was moved from the top (adjacent to the person’s Instagram handle) to the bottom after the caption. The second change is the content of the timestamp. Previously, the timestamp used to display old posts as “45 weeks ago” or something like that. The new change is more grown up now where an old post like the one shown on the first picture is denoted by the day the photo was posted.

This is a welcome move by Instagram and this change will make it easier to know when exactly you posted a particular photo instead of the previous system that made your posts seem like they were too o