You can now record a 6 second video as your Facebook avatar on Android

profile videos

profile videos

Videos naturally have more effect than traditional static images and that is why they draw more engagement on social networks. This is why Facebook has taken videos seriously where in a relatively short time, they are rivaling the likes of YouTube which is the largest online video repository.

Generally in social networks, you can add a photo as your profile picture so that people can be able to identify you easily. This has always been the case on Facebook from the beginning and that is why the company decided to try out newer ways to refresh profile photos.

Back in October last year, it was reported that Facebook was to add an option to add video clips as an avatar and it made sense since it would most likely make people interact with it. The feature was limited to iPhone users in the US initially and when you checked out the feature on your Android phone, it was labelled as “coming soon.” Not anymore as you can see from the following screenshots, the feature has been rolled out to Android users.

Facebook profile videos

When you tap on your profile picture on the Facebook app, it displays the splash screen shown in the first screenshot introducing you to the feature. The extra options load later where if you tap “Take a New Profile Video”, it loads the video interface shown in the third screenshot. You can toggle between the selfie and primary cameras and the video is limited to six seconds. When you are done recording, there is a trimming tool and later on you can post the short video on the News Feed.

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