Stickers is Twitter’s new experimental feature to pimp your photos

twitter stickers
via Recode
twitter stickers
via XBLFoxes

Twitter has been conducting tests to select users of impending features they want to add to their platform so as to improve the experience to its 320 million active users. Some of these tests end up being rolled out to everyone later on like the polls feature or the GIF button.

As Recode reports, Twitter is testing a new feature where you can add stickers to photos then later on tweeting them. We have seen such a feature in most photo editors and in apps like Facebook and Messenger too but Twitter’s version has a twist. Twitter Stickers apparently will let to see how other users have edited the same photo and will offer photo suggestions so that you can edit so as to participate in a conversation. The publications was able to get a quote from a spokesperson from Twitter: We’re always researching potential new ways to make Twitter more expressive. 

In addition, the Sticker tag line is not the only word that has been put forward to be the final name of the product. Other names include Stickits, Taptags and Stamptags.  Stickers might be the final name due to the fact that it would make new users recognize them easily and Twitter badly needs new users thanks to its stagnating growth.

We have seen Twitter experimenting with Sticker like features to select users (celebrities) like Taylor Swift for example although that made it look like they were aping Snapchat. The lingering question is when will  Twitter release this product and that will only be answered later on.