Samsung Nearing Launch of iPhone Support for its Gear Smartwatches as Gear Manager App for iOS Leaks Online



Samsung is on course to fulfilling its promise of delivering support for its Gear wearable devices to the iPhone by the end of this month (April). The leak of Samsung’s Gear Manager application which is required for any sort of connection between Samsung’s wearable devices and smartphones in a Vietnamese forum all but indicating that its launch was inevitable at this point.

The application has been shown running on the iPhone 5s and the latest iPhone SE. It is expected to work with all models of the iPhone running recent versions of iOS when it eventually goes official.

With the release of the Gear S2, Samsung opened up its smartwatch to all compatible Android smartphones.

Samsung’s wearables are powered by its own Tizen platform unlike those from other companies making Android smartphones which use Google’s Android Wear, a platform for wearables based on Android.

Samsung hopes that by opening up its smartwatches and other wearables to all devices it will be able to drive sales volumes, something that has been lacking so far. While Apple’s Watch has come under sharp criticism for not offering much in the way of differentiation, it has still seen more sales than Samsung’s lineup of Gear smartwatches which has undergone several iterations and even introduced novelties like support for cellular network connectivity long before the same was available on platforms like Android Wear.


Via PhoneArena


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