Snapchat will now let you perform a face swap with a photo from your gallery



Snapchat has made a surprise change which involves how you use the really popular Lens feature and how you replay Snaps on your stories page.

Snapchat Lenses are one of the most used features of the chatting app which uses facial recognition algorithms they got from a company they bought to overlay various virtual masks on your face. They periodically change the list of virtual masks available so that the feature won’t be monotonous.

However, for this feature to work, you needed to long press on the screen over your face which automatically loads a carousel of lenses to play with. Snapchat has now decided to give the same lens filter treatment to the photos in your gallery.

If you check the change log on the App Store, they have added the ability to do a Face swap with a photo from your Camera Roll. If you use Snapchat, one of the lenses is usually a Face swap where two faces are interchanged to create this creepy photo that is usually hilarious. I can guess the algorithm will work with a selfie you have taken with your friend which will scan it and add the face swapping filter.

That is not all, they have also scrapped the ridiculous pay-to-replay feature which was a move by the company to monetize their platform. In this update, it will let you have one free replay of any Snap which can be useful if you wanted to revisit a Snap if you missed something. Currently, the two new features have been rolled out for iOS but that is not in the case for Android.