Radon is an Android App That Uses a Clever Approach for Sharing Links Between Devices


Have you ever heard of ultrasonic audio? No, it’s not another bloody nerdy term that we are shoving down your throat. As you will soon find out, it’s something you ought to take some interest in. There’s always handy Wikipedia to turn to. Or you could read this instead.

The reason why ultrasonic audio (near-ultrasonic audio to be specific) is of interest to us today is because, alongside Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, ultrasonic audio is the other medium that Radon, a new Android application, is using to do things differently. Radon wants to rethink link and text sharing. Personally, I use Pushbullet to share links between my devices and once in a while, I turn to Telegram for convenience and to share more. Radon wants to help with the link sharing between mobile devices.


Users simply download and install the application from the Google Play Store and that’s about it. If you want to share a link to anything you only need to select ‘Beam with Radon’ as the share recipient app from either your browser or another app. Easy as that. The link is then broadcast by the application for anyone who is nearby and has the application installed and open to pick it up. Once a link is broadcast, the Radon app on recipient devices simply starts loading the web page upon receiving the link. In instances where the link can also be opened using a specific application e.g. a link to a Facebook video can also be opened using the Facebook app instead of the browser, users can select which way to go or even set defaults, as is the case with any other app.


Radon uses Google’s Nearby Messages API in order to make text and link-sharing possible.

Go on, give Radon a try and tell us what you think.