Google I/O 2016: Google, Android by the Numbers



Besides the many products and service announcements made during yesterday’s keynote, a lot of numbers were bandied about. Here’s a quick look at all of them:

  • Android Wear, Google’s wearable platform, now has 12 watch brands. They include Asus, Casio, Fossil, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Samsung, TAG Heuer, Sony among others.
  • Google Play, Google’s one-stop shop for all Android content be it movies, TV shows, games, books or apps has seen significant activity. The Store, which is where users download and install apps saw 65 billion such installs in the last one year. 65 billion!
  • In its efforts to ensure a safe environment on its mobile platform, Google checks 8 billion applications for safety every day.
  • Forget the few devices we tend to focus on, it’s a sea of Android hardware out there. In the last one year, over 600 different Android smartphones have been launched.
  • As I have already noted, 50 million Google Cardboard apps were installed in the last one year. This means that interest in virtual reality content is very high and it will only go up as more content becomes available and more virtual reality devices become available.
  • Google sold 25 million units of its media streaming dongle, Chromecast.
  • Google Photos, the new photo product from Google introduced a year ago has 200 million monthly active users (MAUs).
  • Google’s browser, Chrome, currently has over 1 billion MAUs.
  • 50% of all Google searches are now being performed on mobile devices.
  • 25% of search queries are via voice. Just who are these people doing voice searches? Ok Google, you win!

Google did not reveal the number of current Android devices but we have a rough idea from the data it provided last time.


  1. […] According to Google, there were 65 billion app installs from the Play Store in the last one year. The Google Play Store has grown to be what Google envisaged and more. It keeps on getting better and the quality of applications on the Android platform is much better now than it was say four or five years ago. While that is the case, there are still a couple of really awesome applications that are noticeably absent from the Play Store. […]

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