Microsoft’s Murphy Bot Can Predict Which Team You’re Backing in Euro 2016

What can't Artificial Intelligence do?


So tonight is the big day, the biggest football tournament in Europe kicks off in Paris, France. I don’t know about you but as usual, I am sticking with the Three Lions, England’s national team which always disappoints anyway. I was shocked that an artificial intelligence product, Murphy, also happens to know that I will be cheering on Roy Hodgson’s boys.

Murphy is a bot created by Microsoft using the same algorithms that power other such solutions we’ve had run-ins with in the past like this one that thought I look like Kenya’s former President Daniel Moi or this one that accurately predicted Eric’s old age.

How does it work?

  • Go to
  • Click the ‘Give it a try’ tab. Microsoft_Murphy
  • Upload a photo that has your face in it. This is because Murphy scans your face and tries to match it with that of members of all the 24 teams taking part in Euro 2016 for any familiarity.
  • Wait to be surprised. Murphy returns three photos of players you resemble the most from one national team. If the team is not really the one, you can give that feedback using any of the three options represented by emojis – got me!, so close…, way off! Clicking the third option results in Murphy redoing the analysis and display another set of results. Microsoft_Murphy_3

PS: I don’t look like Raheem Sterling. Who comes up with this stuff? ?