Samsung Galaxy J5 (2015) Starts Receiving Android Marshmallow Update


Last year’s Galaxy J5 is one of the best-selling mid-range smartphones in several markets including India and Kenya.

While it has since been ably replaced by the 2016 edition, the SMJ500 has still not lost its shine thanks to its favourable pricing and desirable specifications. As such, it is only fair that it is not abandoned and Samsung is doing just that by releasing a long-awaited update to Android 6.0.

The update is currently seeding to users in India but should be expected in other regions as well in coming weeks. Alternatively, users with the F model can flash the new firmware manually when it becomes publicly available soon (we hope) instead of waiting for an over the air update which will likely take time.

Android Marshmallow brings several features including better battery performance and Google Now on Tap. At the moment, its adoption has just crossed the 10% mark and with budget devices like the Galaxy J5 getting updated, this may be the boost it really needed. The Galaxy J5’s successor ships with Android 6.0.1 onboard.