Huawei_GR5_37Huawei has been silently working on its own mobile operating system that is expected to one day power its entire mobile device portfolio. According to sources quoted by The Information, the company has a team of ex-Nokia engineers working on an unnamed mobile OS that will rival Google’s Android.

Android is what powers Huawei’s current smartphones, tablets and wearable devices like the Huawei Watch.

Huawei targets to sell at least 120 million smartphones in 2016 up from the 108 million it sold last year

The company, which is the third largest smartphone vendor in the world, is keen on appealing to even more customers outside of its Asian home turf where it has sold most of its devices so far. In order to be able to do this, Huawei knows that its over-customization of Android resulting in its own unique user interface, Emotion, hasn’t gone down well with users outside China and Asia. To woo more users, the company is reportedly reworking Emotion UI for the global market to make it more in tune with stock Android. The next version of Emotion UI, 5.0 is set to herald these changes.


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