Over 100 Million Voice Calls Are Made Everyday on WhatsApp

This is a huge statistic by any measure

Whatsapp voice calls

Whatsapp voice calls

WhatsApp, the incredibly popular chatting app which is one of the few apps with over a billion users has announced a new milestone for the Facebook owned company. They released the voice calling functionality a year ago and now they have revealed that over 100 million voice calls are made each day on the platform.

This statistic is quite impressive and WhatsApp even noted it down to the second where now the statistic is now over 1100 calls a second. This means at any given time, 10% of the WhatsApp active user base is actively making a phone call. “We’re humbled that so many people have found this feature useful,” they said in the post, “and we’re committed to making it even better in the months to come.”

WhatsApp announced the voice calling feature on the platform slightly over a year ago to much acclaim to users when its user base was at 700 million. That feature trickled down to its sister app, Messenger later on but ever since, it has been trying to keep up with it. They have improved it over time to add features like reduced data usage while on the call and important stuff like encrypting these voice calls.

However, this feature is not a darling for terrestrial telcos who handle the traffic on their networks and since it is a direct competitor to their traditional voice offerings, it has brought about issues in countries like Brazil. We have seen glimpses of the company toying around with video calling, which is definitely cooler than voice calling and we are still waiting to see if they will announce it later on.