Facebook Will Add 3 New Features to Live Video Including One That is Snapchat-like

Facebook Live is maturing faster than we can keep up


Facebook live

It is no news Facebook is taking Live Video seriously and these next improvements to their livestream platform will take it to the next level.According to TechCrunch, Facebook announced at an event 3 new changes to Facebook Live that will definitely take it to the next level.

First change is the ability to broadcast with a friend. How it works is really cool: A third party can be invited to join your broadcast remotely so as to contribute to the conversation. This would be perfect for having remote interviews so you will be sure media houses will use this effectively. This will apparently be rolled out to Verified Pages first then later to other users.

The next new feature is waiting rooms and this gives Facebook Live a cinema vibe. As you know, when a livebroadcast starts, it gains viewers as the time goes by and these “waiting rooms” will allow the viewers to hang out before the actual broadcast starts. This would be brilliant for a product reveal on Live like what we see with Apple with their various yearly conferences.

The final feature is based on an acquisition Facebook made recently. You will now be able to add a mask when you are live thanks to the MSQRD app Facebook bought recently. The app uses facial recognition tech and complex algorithms to track your face and add a filter, just like how Snapchat does with their Lenses filter. In Facebook Live case, people will be able to try on different masks to add their live broadcasts some flair so to speak.

This is good for Facebook Live and it is maturing faster than we can speak. Facebook wants it to be big and judging by the constant updates it is getting and the audience it has, Live Video will be big.


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