Social Media Reacts Emotionally After Lionel Messi Quits International Football

via Troll Football Facebook page

Social media is a great place to keep up with sporting events around the world since people actively talk about what they are watching on these platforms. One of the popular sports that are discussed on social networking platforms is football and in this case, there was the Copa America tournament which determines the best national team in South America.

This year’s final was held on Sunday and it was between Argentina and Chile and it of course starred the famous Argentinian footballer, Messi. The match ended up being decided to penalties and unfortunately, Messi missed a penalty which caused an immediate reaction on Twitter.


The big news however is that he announced his retirement from playing for his country which even caused a bigger reaction on various social media platforms.

Some decided to use the ‘Brexit’ term in Messi’s case

There were photos of Messi crying which made others want to cry

Others tried to defending him by tweeting his impressive stats:

In spite of the news, some called him a legend.

On Facebook, the memes about Messi’s loss and retirement were way more brutal

On Instagram, there were videos and photos of an emotional Messi crying after the end of the match


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