Google Will Now Show You Song Lyrics Every Time You Search for Them


In its quest to make its search service more meaningful to its users, Google will now directly display song lyrics on search results when users ‘Google’ them. This is after the company entered into a partnership with LyricFind, “the world’s largest lyric licensing service”.

As per the terms of the agreement, everyone searching for lyrics to Bob Fitt’s You are so faithful will be able to see them without leaving Google for A-Z Lyrics since LyricFind boasts of 4,000 lyrics under its sleeve who will now readily source lyrics for Google’s search results and its music app, Play Music. The lyrics publishers (songwriters, rightsholders) get paid royalties every time the lyrics are viewed.

The lyrics will be displayed using cards.

At the moment, only US users are able to take advantage of the new deal. The rest of us have to wait for an undefined period when Google will open up the function to everyone since the deal also includes international markets.

While this is a good move for us as users, sites that have for long dominated the online song lyrics scene like A-Z Lyrics and others are likely to feel the pinch going forward. Why would I click through a Google search link that takes me to while there’s a card at the top of the search results page with the exact same information?

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