Huawei Kenya to Launch eValidate Service to Track Device Sales

Samsung has had a similar service too for so long


Huawei will soon launch a new service in Kenya dubbed eValidate that will enable it to track device sales made in the region.

The service involves an SMS short code through which new devices can be registered by their users upon purchase in order to be activated for add-ons like the 12-month warranty Huawei devices have hence making it possible to easily have the device repaired at Huawei’s service centres in the event need arises. At least that is the information we have at this moment.

Additionally, it will help the company keep tabs with movement of its devices in the market hence making it easier to ascertain its market.

According to Patrice Muchwe, the Head of Channel in Huawei Kenya’s Devices department, the service will enable the company track devices destined for this market right from the moment they leave the factory in China to when they land in a user’s hands.

It will also help the company identify and possibly weed out grey imports which have been flooding the market from places like Dubai.

There will be several incentives to make sure users actually validate all their new Huawei device purchases. These will be in the form of a promotion where users stand to win several prizes.

eValidate is something we have seen before although under a different name and brand. By launching eValidate, Huawei Kenya will be joining Samsung Electronics East Africa which has had its eWarranty service on for a while now that works exactly the same way we envision Huawei’s eValidate service will.

eValidate is expected to go live on August 1st. We’ll have more details about it then.


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