Facebook Adds Three Incremental Features to Live Video

It keeps on getting better and better



Facebook has put a lot of resources in developing their live broadcasting platform in a relatively short period of time and this has resulted in it being a force to be reckoned with. They rolled it in phases and this signaled that better things are yet to come.

The company has yet again updated Live with a couple of new features which are geared to make it a better experience for its users. First on the list is that now people and brands can livestream upto four hours per session which is double the previous limit. Two hours is still a long time in my opinion but this update will benefit those people who would want to livestream certain broadcasts for longer.

The other significant update is the issue of reactions and comments on live videos. If you have watched any Live Video on Facebook, you will notice the stream of comments and the floating reaction emojis in the stream. In this update, both the viewers and streamers will be able to hide this for a “full screen” experience.

Still on the full screen experience, Facebook now lets you stream in full screen mode where for iOS users, they can stream in either landscape or portrait but on Android, it is still limited to portrait mode. As you know, both orientations are good for certain types of videos like landscape favours videos shot to highlight landscapes and portraits favour instances when a person is vlogging.

Last month, they updated Facebook live with waiting rooms, ability to broadcast with your friend and adding masks when you go live thanks to the MSQRD app integration. These are the small but incremental changes that would make people prefer using Facebook Live over other livestreaming services.

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