Twitter stops supporting its widget on the beta Android app

Well this is unfortunate.


Twitter drops widget support

When widgets were introduced on Android, they saved you the trouble of launching the app to access some of its features. Widgets have a visual punch since they display specific information right on your homescreen pane.

Twitter for Android has had widget support for a while now where you could do a bunch of things like scroll through your timeline and getting a flurry of updates at a glance without launching the app. However, we know that the app industry is very dynamic and anything can change and thanks to this fact, Twitter has made a significant change to its app.

Twitter drops widget support

If you have the beta Twitter for Android app, you will notice that the company has dropped support for the widget when you add it to your homescreen. The notice reads “This widget is no longer supported by Twitter. Feel free to delete this widget and use the Twitter app instead.”

It is rather surprising Twitter has decided to drop widget support for their Android app. The developers tasked with updating the app over there at Twitter probably have their reasons for this move which I can bet is maybe they have data on its use, which I presume is quite low so it warrants dropping support for it. However, this news could be bad for people who use the widget constantly and will lament this decision.

This feature was quickly updated to the beta version from the alpha version as noticed by Android Police and it could mean it is on its way to the stable version that the masses currently have. This also comes at a time when they formally released the Night Mode theme to the masses after being under test in the beta version for a month.

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