Facebook is testing Commercial Breaks on Live Video Broadcasts



Facebook has been scaling its Live Video platform for a while now and it has allowed Pages and ordinary users alike to share live broadcasts of events around them. They have also given the platform updates to make people use Live Video more which is great and all but now it seems they want to go a step further.

According to Adage, Facebook is testing ads that will be served within live video broadcasts from top publishing parters. “We’re running a small test where a group of publishers have the option to insert a short ad break in their Facebook Live videos,” the company confirmed to the publication via an email. Apparently these video ads will be upto 15 seconds long and will appear 5 minutes into a broadcast according to an agency executive who had discussed how these will appear with the company.

However there is an issue with the slotting of the video ads. Apparently Facebook told advertisers that these ads will be drawn from their already running video ads on the platform but there was a concern due to the fact that during covering sensitive events, these brands wouldn’t want ads to play in the broadcast.

On the issue of revenue share, apparently Facebook could eventually share revenue with the media partners but this is not currently happening during the test. In addition, the company is not certain they will turn these commercials within Live Video into a “full fledged ad product” according to sources quoted by the publication.

So buckle up, you would probably see commercials while enjoying a Live Video broadcast on Facebook soon and it would be interesting to see how the company will sort out the issues presented by the media partners.