Facebook Adds Two New Section To Pages Targeted At Merchants

Facebook App


Facebook Pages are one of the core features by the company as they let brands and celebrities connect with their fans. Due to this relationship, the company has been updating Pages with new features like revamps and nifty little additions and they are not stopping that update train.

Well today, they have announced a slew of new updates on Pages which are targeted for those merchants who sell their products on Facebook. The new update is the addition of two new sections on Pages: Shop and Services.

Via VentureBeat. Source: Facebook

Apparently the “Services” section will be available globally to businesses that offer professional services in the coming weeks. On the other hand in the Shop section, businesses with Facebook Pages will be able to display their products and customers will be able to search for items that they like within it. However, when the customer wants to make an offer of a product they want, they will have to make an offer through Facebook Messenger, which makes sense since it is a private messaging tool.

Now for the availability of the “Shop” section: Unlike the services section which will be available globally in the next few weeks, the Shop section will be available only in countries in Southeast Asia and “high growth and emerging market.” The countries explicitly mentioned include Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, India,Taiwan, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.

This is actually a way for the company to capitalize on the already organic use of Facebook as a market place and will help people display their products well for sale on Facebook. The inclusion of Messenger where customers make offers to the businesses cement the decision by the company to make it an indispensable tool for businesses. This is also comes after we have seen tests of the company adding a Marketplace tab on the Android app for people to discover wares on the network which when launched in the future could make Facebook an unstoppable e-commerce behemoth.