Samsung Z2 Press Images Hit the Web Ahead of Launch



Tomorrow, August 23rd, will see Samsung unveil a new Tizen-based smartphone, the Samsung Z2, at an event in India. At this point in time, we’ve seen and heard everything there is to see and hear about the device. Save for the obvious details that will be confirmed at the launch event, there’s not much left to our imagination.

Since, it appears, that video wasn’t enough, it doesn’t hurt to see the device in official images, though, does it?

Here they are:

The Samsung Z2 is an entry-level smartphone (as evidenced by the specs) that Samsung will be pushing over the next few months in a couple of emerging smartphone markets including Kenya (for the first time ever) after the success of previous budget Tizen phones.


  1. The phones supports LTE which is great plus!However the battery capacity is heartbreaking in addition to the price which is not balanced based on the price of better Chinese brands on offer locally with far superior specs and a more mature OS.

    • Battery capacity here may not compare with rivals on Android, Tizen OS is known to use considerably less power. You mention price and the device is not yet launched. What are you referring to?

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