Twitter for Android Beta Gets The Quality Filter Option

Handy tool to improve the quality of notifications you receive on your Twitter app


The notification tab is one of the core sections of the Twitter app since it is the one place you get to see replies from other Twitter users and a bunch of other interactions like retweets and likes. Traditionally, it has always had extra settings to control its behaviour which are buried deep in the general settings

Last week, Twitter introduced a new feature for the mobile apps that is geared to let you filter your notifications way better. It was first rolled out to iOS users and now it has been ported to the Android app.

Twitter for Android notification options

Just like how Twitter explained the features earlier, they have added a dedicated settings tab on your notification ta Yb to help you filter out your notifications. On Android, there is a persistent toolbar at the bottom of the screen with three tabs: All, Mentions and Options. When you tap “All”, it will show you all of your replies and interactions while tapping “mentions” will only show you replies from other users. This is an update that was carried forward from that has been there for a while.

The only new thing added is the Quality Filter which was the headline feature. According to Twitter, this feature “improves the quality of tweets you see by using a variety of signals such as account origin and behaviour. When turned on, it filters lower-quality content like duplicate tweets or content that appears to be automated.” They also went ahead to explain that it does not filter content from the people you follow or those who you interacted with recently. However, when you activate it, you will notice it will affect tweets that supersede what you see on your notifications and onto other places like top search results. This can be seen as a move to stem out bots which is a big problem in Twitter thanks to their annoying automated replies that appear in your notifications tab.


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