Is The Infinix X-Band A Worthy Buy?


Smart watches, fitness bands, smart bracelets…these are things that are cropping up daily, more and more each time as manufactures try to meet the needs of a very demanding public. Why would you buy one of these? Is it to look fashionable, or do you want to look serious in the techie kind of way? Whatever your reason is, there is probably a band out there that can match your needs. I have never been a big fan of them to be honest. I like the classic watch, big and cold on my wrist as I put it on every morning, but for a couple of weeks, I traded in the watch for one of these smart wearables. To be precise, I put on the Infinix X-Band. Did this band make me want to trade in my regular watch?

the watch1

The band is undeniable comfortable to wear. It looked big on my wrist but it felt like it belonged there. There is a sense of privilege that came with it when I had it on. The fact that my wrist was home to something more ‘superior’ than your classic watch involuntarily made me ride up my blouses and sweaters in a bid not to hide this wearable tech. But the novelty soon wore off and I began to wonder whether I really needed it. What could I possibly do with it?

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Infinix highlights 3 key features for the X-Band; Fitness tracking, Notifications and reminders and Picking up calls using the detachable Bluetooth headset. I wasn’t all to crazy about that last feature because talking through a small device on your ear looks very awkward in my eyes. It felt like something my father would do, not me! But for the purposes of this review, I braved it but struggled to what to do with my hands the entire time. What was I freeing my hands for anyway? I’d like to imagine I am a special case and that there are those who are reading this post wondering what this lunatic girl is going on about. People love that stuff!!

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One of the features that I was keen on was the step counter. As humans we love seeing progress and lying to ourselves that we are keeping fit by taking those extra steps to the first floor instead of going on the lift. I liked seeing how many steps I took or how many calories I burnt, but may times, I looked at those results with a doubting expression. I cannot just have walked into the office and clocked 3000 steps. Something is wrong there.

The one Achilles heel of this band is its price. That is where it falls apart. I can forgive the inaccurate step counting, if this was important I could get something dedicated, and I can also forgive the Bluetooth headset, its just not my cup of tea but something that many can appreciate. I kind of loved this band up until its price came up. You see, its open to anyone who owns an android device, therefore it is right there in the sea of many other smart watches and bands that are in many ways better. To stand out in that vast sea,it needs something special, and I don’t think we have reached there with the X-Band.

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Although I have hope that it can get better. I’m sure it will.

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