Report: Twitter Is Working on An Anti-Harrasment Filtering Tool



Twitter is a great place to meet new people from all over the world thanks to the chatroom nature of the network. However, this system has led to one problem that has been plaguing the network for a while now and that is cyber-bullying. We have seen cases of people being harassed by others on Twitter and they end up deactivating accounts and such behaviour is quite detrimental to the growth of Twitter which has rather stagnated over time.

To counter cyber-bullying activities on the network, Twitter has been adding features that help people report these trolls. One of the more effective ways of weeding out trolls is by blocking them and that is why Twitter added a way to share block lists of known trolls and by fixing how the block button to make it more effective.

Now the company is being reported by Bloomberg that they are trying another way of curtailing abuse on the network. Apparently Twitter is working on a keyword based tool that will help the 313 million active users the network has to filter posts they see. These keywords will help people block certain words that they dont want to see.

This move is strikingly similar to what Instagram was reported testing where some of its users will be able to filter comments they see on their posts. On Instagram, the person could choose certain words they don’t want to see in the comments or just go ahead and close the comments section altogether.