FIFA 17 is Coming to Mobile Devices Under a Different Name


If you check your respective app store (Apple App Store or Google Play Store), you will notice previous versions of FIFA, the football game from EA Sports, going by names you can easily identify with their console/PC versions. This year, the latest version of the game is FIFA 17 and it will be released next month.

However, unlike before, the game will be different on consoles than it will be on mobile devices, at least in name, before factoring in other things.

In order to differentiate the mobile game from its desktop/console counterparts, EA Sports is also making it available under a different name: FIFA Mobile Football. That is the name that stares at you at the moment when you head over to the Play Store (for the Android users) to pre-register to be notified first when it becomes available. It is EA Sport’s way of emphasising that the game is built for mobile from the ground up and not just ported from the console version.

Some of the new features coming to the game include an all-attack mode, new control options and the game is slimmer (under 100MB). There’s also one thing that is increasingly becoming part and parcel of modern games but that is really irksome and limiting to some people: a persistent internet connection. Yup, apparently, one needs to be always online in order to play FIFA Mobile Football.