WhatsApp Dissed Apple With A Message Within The Android App’s Code

This does not look good

whatsapp vs apple
Via XMarioZ on Reddit


Most people won’t care to check the underlying code of an app but other people go through them and that decision usually comes with its surprises. In this case, it involves WhatsApp and Apple and it is quite interesting.

A Redditor by the name XMarioz posted the discovery on the Technology subreddits where he explained how he stumbled upon it. Apparently, he was decompiling a WhatsApp apk (specifically version 2.16.254) and found this.

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If you check the code, you can clearly see the “FUCK APPLE” within the code which is rather interesting as to why the coders decided to add this. It was not in one instance as it was repeated multiple times within the code which is some sort of record in terms of being passive aggressive.

You may wonder why the WhatsApp engineer(s) decided to do this and a certain Redditor posted a probable answer. Apparently, Apple has strict regulations when it comes to reviewing apps.

This sort of information can make people come up with reasons bordering on conspiracy level as to why specifically WhatsApp engineers decided to do such a thing. It is also interesting that WhatsApp let this be published knowing that someone out there will find out when they decide to decompile their apps.

Since these apps usually have similar codes across platforms, it could be possible that the passive aggressive statement could have been added to a release in the iOS variant. A strained relationship between WhatsApp and Apple can be a bad thing for their iOS users and neither won’t want a situation where they will pull it from the App Store.


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