Google Allo Crosses 5 Million Download Mark on the Play Store


There’s no stopping Google’s new text-based chat app Allo. Really, not even privacy concerns can keep users away from the app.

As per the latest data from the Play Store, Allo has already been downloaded over 5 million times and is on course to joining Google’s other messaging app (focused on video chats) Duo which has seen over 10 million downloads on the Play Store.

Allo has achieved its latest milestone just 8 days since Google started rolling it out around the world. Just the other day, the app clocked 1 million downloads. It is not hard to see why, though. Its roll out was staggered and as such it is only in the last few days that many people around the world have been able to lay their hands on the app.

Whether this is just the usual excitement that accompanies every new app from the big app developers/publishers like Google before interest in it fades is something we’ll have to wait and see but for now, Allo seems unstoppable.

Google has come under increased criticism from privacy advocates around the world following the release of Allo to the public after it emerged that the company permanently stores all the chats (so that its Assistant bot can learn more about you) unless a user deletes them or opts to use the app’s private (Incognito) mode and could potentially hand over such information to the authorities when legally requested to do so.