Facebook Will Now Let Verified Pages Make Money From Branded Posts



Facebook announced Verified Pages way back in 2013 which was a way to let the millions of people in the network know that they are actually in contact with the actual celebrity or company. Verified Pages have certain benefits like Facebook rolling out features to them before the general public like in the Live video cases and it is due to the fact that they are quite influential in the network.

These people who are verified on major platforms are quite important since they have their own loyal following and that is not a fact to ignore. If you are able to motivate them by making sure that their content makes money means on your platform, they won’t see the need to make another platform their default choice.

This is what Facebook is doing where they announced that Verified Pages will be able to share branded content on the social network. The branded content could be any post like video, text, photos, links, 360 videos, Live Video and also Instant Articles. “We know that public figures with Verified Profiles- including athletes, musicians, bloggers comedians, and more-want ways to monetize their content on Facebook..” they said in the post.

There is a catch however and Facebook has set some policies in which Verified Pages must abide when posting branded content. Some of these rules include no ads in videos and photos, no overlays or watermarks in videos, product placements should be tagged appropriately and among others. They have been enunciated in detail here and to get started on the program, click here.


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