LG’s Flagship Smartphone Rocked by Reports of Shattering Camera Glass



In the aftermath of the fiasco that was Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, it is now increasingly becoming common to encounter news of this smartphone exploding here, another one catching fire there and so on. Most of those are usually isolated and unrelated incidents. However, what are we supposed to make of several repeated claims by users of just one device that the glass on their back cameras keep shattering?

That is the predicament likely to face LG’s mobile division after numerous incidences of the glass on the back of its latest flagship smartphone, the V20, were reported.


Apparently, the glass is not as strong as it is supposed to be and any slight force is enough to tear it apart.

A key scratch which should be a common occurrence that such an expensive device shouldn’t be bothered by (there are many people who whose phones are likely to find themselves in the same pocket or hand bag as car or house keys), for instance, results in the glass covering the camera sensor giving in. What of when you place the phone on say a desk or somewhere else? The camera glass, which will obviously be part of the phone’s resting back, apparently can be shattered by just doing that.

Just when we thought that LG could fully capitalize on Samsung’s misfortunes and make a kill selling the V20.

Of course these are claims that the company is yet to respond to and at this point we can’t really take them as the whole truth but as they say, where there is smoke… (there is an exploding Note 7)


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